Attitude Adjustment - (MP3 Download)

Stories about change from AA Grapevine.

Stories by AA members about staying sober as they became acquainted with feelings. Includes stories on character defects, anger, self-pity, being right, when the “pink cloud” passes, sponsorship and taking right action. Also includes a story of a non-alcoholic attending an AA meeting as a guest.

Runtime: 77 mins.

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PRICE REDUCED FROM $15.99 TO $9.99!..........DOWNLOAD NOTE: The download is sent as a zip file. To download it to your phone you need to have an app such as WinZip, WinZip for IOS or iZip to open the file and play the audio. The apps are free in the Google Play Store or at iTunes. When the download is complete your browser should give you the option to copy the files to the app which should open automatically. At that time you will be given the choice to unzip and play the files. Another option is to download the file on a laptop or desktop computer and then move the file to your phone.
$15.99 $9.99

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