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Powers of Example (MP3)

Practicing the principles in everyday life. Stories by AA members about how we learn to live together.

Emotional Sobriety: The Next Frontier (MP3)

Selected stories from the book "Emotional Sobriety". Stories by AA members about the joy of living through the Twelve Steps, focusing on AA solutions.

Spiritual Awakenings: Journeys of the Spirit (MP3)

Selected stories from the first volume of the book "Spiritual Awakenings".

The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA (MP3)

Lively stories by AA members about the importance of having a home group.

Classic Grapevine CD, Volume 2

Vol. 2 of the Classic Grapevine CD, Volume 2 includes The Language Of The Heart, Positively Negative, Those Depressions, What - No Work?, and more.

El Lenguaje Del Corazón (CD)

Esta traducción al español contiene un total de 113 audios con ~1300 minutos de tiempo de grabación.

El Lenguaje Del Corazón (MP3)

Todos los más de 150 artículos del cofundador de AA, Bill W., publicados en Grapevine están cubiertos en este volumen.

Classic Grapevine CD, Volume 3

Vol. 3 of the Classic Grapevine CD includes What Is Freedom In AA?, The Public's Opinion, The Tenth Step, The Seven Of Us, and more.

Language of the Heart Audiobook (CD)

Language of the Heart contains all of AA co-founder Bill W.'s Grapevine articles, including a vivid description of how he came to organize the Steps.

Not For Newcomers Only (CD)

Includes: Not Today, Thanks/Resentment: Number One Offender/Too Close for Comfort/Honeymoon/You and I Need Each Other

What It Was Like: Early AAs Tell Their Stories (CD)

Early AAs Tell Their Stories: Early AAs describe what the first 20 years of the Fellowship was like.

The Twelve Traditions (CD)

Thirteen stories written over the years from AA members about their experiences practicing all 12 of the AA Traditions.