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Emotional Sobriety II (SOFT COVER)

In Emotional Sobriety II, Bill W tells us that emotional sobriety is our next frontier. Read the creative, heartfelt insights of several dozen sober seekers.

Spiritual Awakenings - Journeys of the Spirit (SOFT COVER)

Read about the journeys of the spirit AAs have taken on the way from alcoholism to recovery by rediscovering their faith and applying spiritual values daily.

Spiritual Awakenings II (SOFT COVER)

In theses stories from the pages of Grapevine, sobriety's message of miracles and redemption is shared with passion and humor in 74 colorful voices. Soft cover.

The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA

A collection of Grapevine articles illuminating the varied experiences of belonging to an AA group today.

In Our Own Words: Stories of Young AAs in Recovery (SOFT COVER)

Read this collection of personal Grapevine stories that contain honest accounts of drinking in the lives of young adults, their path to sobriety & more.

A Rabbit Walks into a Bar (SOFT COVER)

A Rabbit Walks into a Bar is a collection of the best jokes and cartoons over the decades that have appeared in Grapevine.

Step by Step

In Step by Step, you will discover a variety of experiences from AAs that have written about the Steps for the pages of Grapevine from the 40’s to the present.

Young & Sober: Stories from AA Grapevine (SOFT COVER)

Read this collection of Grapevine stories about the joys and challenges of getting sober at an early age written by those who got sober at a young age.

Into Action - Stories from AA Grapevine (SOFT COVER)

The Grapevine stories in Into Action demonstrate the various ways members get active in AA to stay sober, carry the message and live rich and rewarding sober lives.

Happy, Joyous & Free: The Lighter Side of Sobriety (SOFT COVER)

Happy, Joyous & Free (soft cover book) is a collection of stories from the Grapevine that shows how, in recovery, AAs have learned to laugh.