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One on One: AA Sponsorship in Action (eBook)

In this collection, AA members write about their experience with sponsorship, including how to choose one, getting the courage to ask someone to be a sponsor, sharing their past and present with them, working with those having trouble staying sober, dealing with the loss of a beloved sponsor and more. From the early days of the program, this special one-on-one bond of sponsorship has been considered vital to getting sober, staying connected and living a full, happy life.

In Our Own Words (eBook)

Getting sober and staying sober isn’t easy at any age, but coming into AA early in life can have certain challenges. This book is a collection of stories by AA members who got sober in their teens, 20s and early 30s. In Our Own Words not only articulates some of the difficulties faced by alcoholics young in years, but also describes some of the sober joys that await.

The Home Group (eBook)

A collection of Grapevine articles illuminating the varied experiences of belonging to an AA group today.

Voices of Long-Term Sobriety (eBook)

This is a collection of stories from old-timers about how they hit bottom and got sober, as well as vivid descriptions of the early days of AA. But colorful histories are only part of the ebook. Old-timers have a wealth of lived experience to share with the rest of us. They’ve stayed sober through good times and bad by depending on the Steps and their Higher Power. They have the gift of perspective and know that sobriety is a journey, not a destination.

Best of the Grapevine, Volume I (eBook)

This ebook features stories selected from the first fifty-five years of Grapevine publication, including such historic articles as "Slips and Human Nature," by Dr. Silkworth; "On Cultivating Tolerance," by Dr. Bob; and "A Slob’s Guide to Spiritual Growth."

Beginners' Book: Getting and Staying Sober (eBook)

In this collection of AA Grapevine stories, AA members share what helped them get sober and handle their new lives of recovery. Full of useful suggestions, insights, and solutions to problems common to the newly sober, this book provides solid tools of recovery.

The Best of Bill (eBook)

Five of Bill W.'s most powerful Grapevine articles sharing his thoughts on faith, fear, honesty, humility, and love. This edition also includes "Why Alcoholics Anonymous Is Anonymous," Bill's Grapevine article from January 1955.

Young & Sober - Stories from AA Grapevine (eBook)

In this collection of Grapevine stories about the joys and challenges of getting sober at an early age, AA members talk about recognizing their disease even though their drinking may have only lasted a few years. Written by members who got sober in their teens, 20s and 30s, the articles in this book are about growing up young in AA, finding ways to connect when feeling different, getting involved in service and learning how to live a sober life joyously.

Into Action - Stories from AA Grapevine (eBook)

This collection of Grapevine stories shows the many ways members work the program of AA. Written by men and women, young and old, with different lengths of sobriety, the articles in this book highlight how members practice the Twelve Steps, use our literature and slogans, and get into service, sponsorship and fellowship. The stories demonstrate the various ways members get active in AA to stay sober, carry the message and live rich and rewarding sober lives.

Emotional Sobriety: The Next Frontier (eBook)

In this collection of Grapevine stories, sober women and men describe the transformations sobriety can bring as they practice the principles of AA in all aspects of their lives. Many discover that happiness is a by-product of giving without any demand for return. Others embrace the present with gratitude to claim moments of real peace -- "a quiet place in bright sunshine," as Bill W. put it in the essay that gave the impetus to this book. We invite you to join the journey. Read a sample story: A Benchmark in Sobriety.

Emotional Sobriety II (eBook)

Only through his own painful, closely observed experience could Bill W. have identified "the next major development in AA … real maturity and balance." He was telling us that emotional sobriety is our next frontier. Emotional Sobriety II (ebook) provides the creative, heartfelt insights of several dozen sober seekers whose articles in the Grapevine offer insights that can light the way to our own "quiet place in bright sunshine."

Step by Step (eBook)

Real AAs, Real Recovery shows how AA members of all ages and all lifestyles from around the world; spiritual, religious and atheists; newcomers and old- timers have recovered and found a new way of life by working the Twelve Steps. Discover a variety of experiences from AAs that have written about the Steps for the pages of Grapevine from the 40’s to the present.