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Fun in Sobriety (ebook)

Fun in Sobriety features 50-plus inspiring stories by members of Alcoholics Anonymous about the many ways they’ve learned to have a good time after putting down the drink.

Prayer and Meditation (ebook)

Prayer & Meditation ebook features powerful stories by members of Alcoholics Anonymous about the many ways they pray and meditate in their daily lives.

The Best of the Grapevine: Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (eBook)

The Best of Grapevine Book Bundle: These three reissued volumes feature some of the very best Grapevine stories, carefully selected by the editors.

Take Me To Your Sponsor (eBook)

Sobriety can be tough sometimes, which is why recovering alcoholics can always use a good laugh. Luckily, sobriety can be pretty darn amusing.

One Big Tent (eBook)

One Big Tent is a collection of stories by secular AA members who have struggled with alcoholism, yet ultimately found a common solution in AA.

AA in the Military (eBook)

Are you looking for AA in the Military (eBook)? AA in the Military is a collection of stories, previously published in Grapevine.

Voices of Women in AA (eBook)

The book contains articles by or about women who contributed to AA early in its history, followed by some of the program’s earliest female members.

Making Amends: Finding A New Freedom (eBook)

Making Amends features 55 candid, firsthand stories from AA Grapevine magazine of members’ experiences with Step Nine of the AA program.

Our Twelve Traditions (eBook)

In this collection of stories from AA Grapevine, members write about their experiences with the core principles contained in AA's Twelve Traditions.

Language of the Heart (eBook)

Language of the Heart contains all of AA co-founder Bill W.'s Grapevine articles, including a vivid description of how he came to organize the Steps.

Forming True Partnerships (eBook)

This collection of Grapevine stories shows how members use the Twelve Steps, sponsorship, and the tools of the program to improve and repair relationships.

Happy, Joyous & Free (eBook)

Getting sober can be painful and amazing, but it also can be pretty darn amusing. This collection of stories shows how AAs have learned to laugh.