Gift Certificate: Grapevine Complete

This is a prepaid Gift Certificate for a subscription to Grapevine Complete.
  • Combines both the Grapevine print magazine and complete online access
  • 12 issues of Grapevine print and online
  • 8-10 new online stories added each month
  • Access to the Story Archive 1944-present
  • Audio Grapevine
  • 6 issues of La Viña online in Spanish (only available with GV online)
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Certificados de Regalo: US

Este es un certificado de regalo prepagado para una suscripción a la revista impresa La Viña.

Grapevine Complete Subscription - 1 Year

Combines both the Grapevine print magazine and complete online access. 12 issues of Grapevine print and online. * Automatic Renewal Guarantee: Your subscription will automatically renew at the one-year rate, and you will never miss an issue. We will always send you a reminder 60 days before your card is charged. You may cancel at any time, and we will send you a refund for any remaining issues. If the credit card you provide cannot be processed, a bill will be sent. You may opt out of automatic renewal at any time by calling 1-800-631-6025. Enjoy your Grapevine subscription. A Meeting Anytime. Share & Pass it On.

Emotional Sobriety: The Next Frontier (Softcover)

In this collection of Grapevine stories, sober women and men describe the transformations sobriety can bring as they practice the principles of AA.

Carry the Message Gift Certificate (International)

This is a prepaid gift certificate for an international subscription to the printed Grapevine magazine.