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Magazines Honoring Dr. Bob & Bill W.

Newly reprinted editions of the original 1951 and 1971 Grapevines published in honor of Dr. Bob and Bill W. upon their deaths.

Five Slogans

Five familiar slogans, reproduced from the versions that first appeared in the Grapevine in late 1956 and early 1957.

Grapevine Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer often appeared in early Grapevines and has been a regular part of the magazine's format since July 1967.

AA Preamble

An AA Preamble for your meetings. The AA Preamble was originally composed by an editor of Grapevine and introduced in the June 1947 issue. This is the 2021 updated version. 5 ½ x 7 ½ -inch cardstock.

2023 Grapevine Wall Calendar

Are you looking for a Grapevine Wall Calendar? Full-color photographs taken by our readers, accompanied by brief quotes selected from Grapevine articles.

2023 Pocket Planner

Are you looking for 2023 Pocket Planner? The 2023 Pocket Planner features a month-at-a-glance spread and quotations from the AA Calendar.

Traditions Checklist (50)

The AA Grapevine Traditions Checklist is a thought-provoking way to relate sobriety to the working principles of the Traditions.

Man On The Bed (Painting)

Capturing the rich colors of the original, this is a newly restored reproduction of the popular oil painting.

Grapevine Magazine, First Edition (1944)

This is an exact reproduction of the June 1944 Grapevine, the first issue of the magazine, with the flavor of early AA.

Victor E. Poster

This colorful poster celebrates the Grapevine's 60th anniversary and reminds us of what our primary purpose is today.

Classic Grapevine, Volume 1 (Cassette)

Vol. 1 of the Classic Grapevine includes What Is Acceptance?, Those Stupid Slogans!, Slips And Human Nature, Sponsor Relationships, and more.

Classic Grapevine, Volume 2 (Cassette)

Vol. 2 of the Classic Grapevine includes The Language Of The Heart, The Two Phases of Sobriety, Positively Negative, What - No Work?, and more.